Monday, November 15, 2010

My Latest Painting

Hi There!  Might be quiet for a bit as I attempt to finish up some projects around the outside of our home before snow flies!  Thought I'd post pictures of what I've been working on over the past week, a few sketches for future canvases and one completed watercolour, Enjoy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creative Every Day

As an amateur blogger, I've been searching around the Internet a bit lately hoping to find inspiration to make my blog more exciting.  With my capabilities still limited I haven't succeeded in that.  I've learned no new skills but found many blogs and sites that have inspired me.
The biggest inspiration has been a site which started a project called "Art Every Day" as a challenge for all creative types throughout the month of November.  The challenge: create something each and every day of the month...big or small doesn't matter just as long as an effort is made.  This is very much in line with what I was taught in art school too.  My drawing teacher encouraged us to pick up a pencil and sketch everyday.  Many years have passed and I let him down a very long, long time ago, but have risen to this new challenge! 
Fortunately for me, the major procrastinator, I stumbled across the blog 2 days I have an excuse for missing a bit!  None-the-less, I have created everyday since
                        ...well, except for today
                                             ...but I did cut out Remembrance Day poppy petals for Sunday school kids
                                  ...and I did plant over 80 bulbs for spring with my daughter this afternoon!
                                                                That's um... er...a little creative,...isn't it?

Pictured above, a commissioned piece I've started work on.  She's a very sweet little girl, but I'm a bit nervous about how she'll turn out.  I prefer anything but face on views as capturing the individual's personality is paramount to the success of the piece.  So far it's going well, hope this continues and more than anything, I hope the clients are pleased!

Here, a tree I created from my imagination one evening after a very long day filled with financial meetings riddled with concerns and challenges.  I had the title almost from the start.  "Fighting the Wind" is 11 x 14 watercolour and acrylic on canvas paper.  The unsettled, tense nature of the painting echoed pretty closely my mood for the day.

Finally,  a project I've been promising my daughter to start for quite awhile...a thrift store find: an IKEA chair with no slipcover, so decided instead of purchasing one, we'd just attack it with paint.  April chose the colours to match her room and decided polka dots would be the way to happiness, I got her started and away she went!  Zany and bright, just like her!

Well, I'll try to stay accountable this week and keep posting my progress, meanwhile...have a great week!  Jen