Friday, January 30, 2015

30 in 30

I get a break tomorrow.
That's where I'm at right now.

I'm not at all pleased with this painting.  Although there's someone out there that probably doesn't even know of me that if they stumbled across my work would probably think this is the most inspired I've ever done.  Or not.  I don't know.

I really don't know much at all.

I suppose that's what the challenge has taught me.  Which I already knew -just for the record!  I'm a student, learning, exploring...I hope I always will be!

I pushed the envelope on this one.  I think I pushed too far.  I think it was there (or at least closer) half an hour before I finished and I just spent the last half hour attempting to make the closest thing to an abstract more "identifiable"  which I think missed the point.   I took a picture during the process then deleted because I knew I couldn't get it back...but I should have posted that one.  It was fresher, cleaner, more energetic less over-worked.  Will I pursue a more abstract style in the future?  I'm not sure.  Time will tell.  I know I can compare the colours of this one and see similarities to my more representational pieces but I am more pleased with the results of many of the others.  I'm curious none-the-less.  I cracked open a door I never intended to walk through.  What's on the other side is intriguing, interesting, alluring, but is it for me?  Time will tell.

For now.  I will take a break.  Maybe a day, maybe more.  I will reflect, regroup, clean up my work area and attack some other aspect of my life with a bit more gusto.

When I return to my easel I will return with a bit more confidence because now I know I don't always have to wait for inspiration to show up, sometimes me showing up first calls inspiration and asks it to put in some time.  Sometimes that scenario works too.

I'm happy I participated in the challenge and I will again.  This has been an intense month but I believe it was a great learning experience and totally worth the time.  Thanks for taking the journey with me!

24 x 12
acrylic on canvas

30 in 29

My math genius brother just texted me to point out a couple of facts... two can play the tormenting game, Andrew!  ;)

Fact 1:  I didn't post day 29 and it's already day 30.
Fact 2:  There are 31 days in January not I need to paint an extra painting.

To address his concerns:

1:  I slipped in under the wire on the link up to Leslie's blog for day's there now!  I actually started this painting yesterday but didn't get far.  Sam is having a birthday party today...will be starting in minutes and my house was, well, filthy!!!  Because I've been painting all month...and sanding drywall compound didn't help the situation even a little bit.  So yesterday I spent a good deal of time trying to wade out from under the dirt so the "8 year olds" didn't contract some dust borne disease on my watch!

2:  There are indeed 31 days in January...but for the love of all things sacred!  Enough is enough!  I am very happy I took this challenge but -I WANT MY LIFE BACK! I've never done one of these link ups before but apparently we will be creating a collage of all the paintings I've done in the 30 days on day 31...not sure how that works but if I can, I will post the collage here!  And, Andrew, to boast about my own awesome math skills...I suspect we had to end on day 30 because a gridy, collage thingy will only work with numbers that are divisible!  5 rows of 6 or 6 rows of 5 or something like that!  ;)

Anyhoo!  Here is day 29.  I like how it looks but I want to add a little more once it is on some shadows and light.  The image was snapped on a very dull winter day when I was sitting in the truck waiting for Scott to get something at one of the local lumber yards...the tree caught my eye because it is so tall but so spindly and wobbly. The light and colours I've added are entirely fictitious.

Off to party!  Will post day 30 later....promise!

12 x 24