Sunday, October 31, 2010

Success and Shortcomings!

Today our Bishop is coming to church and will bless the youth room that we have been working on.  As promised, I am posting a few pics of the end results.  What seems a little too static for my personal taste will no doubt warm up quickly in the weeks and months that follow as the kids put their imprint on the space!

As for creativity this week?  Well, today is Halloween...I've put my energies into assisting the kids with costume creation, some successful, some not, but all in all lots of fun!  I even dressed up myself for a party...and love the transformative effect makeup and hair have...actually feeling a little dull since returning to plain ole me! (my family thinks I'm fine just as I am...I however think maybe creativity would flow just a little easier if I stuck my hair straight up a bit more often!)
  I've seen some amazing sunrises in the last few mornings and tried to capture them for future painting reference.  For me, the eye always views the scene much more dramatically than images captured with camera.  The other day while rushing past my window and casting a glance out I was awestruck by the few remaining orange leaves on some nearby trees and the contrast of the intensly purple hills making up a distant horizon...absolutely stunning and right there in the middle of my everyday,ordinary I was drawn to them and had to stop.  Feeling a small release of tension as the scene unfolded and I painted it in my mind, I realize this is why I attempt to create, this is affirmation that the world is bigger than my problems and I need to appreciate how very much I already have!  Harried by the pull of other commitments I was forced to settle for the camera image and only hope my memory will serve to correct the insipid nature of the captured image when I finally take brush to canvas!

 Happy Halloween! Jen   

Monday, October 25, 2010

Youth Art

So, the next few days will be filled with activities surrounding my "real" job...or at least the one that pays....bookkeeping....YUCK!  How the girl that hated math in school got to be in charge of finances for the family business still eludes me, however, I should not complain too much since as I already said it does pay!
  On a more creative note: this past Saturday I invited the youth kids from church over to my home to create some artwork for the space we are revamping with them...a smaller and more creative collection of kids made for a little less paint flying but I did still need to "emergency wash" a few items of clothing.  They chose to depict religious symbols in their art, I tried to steer them towards a more abstract depiction and was pleasantly suprised with the end result.  They did their own versions of the cross, trinity, garden of Eden and the sacred heart (which they were entirely convinced for quite awhile was really a flaming strawberry, a little education on human anatomy and religious symbolism was inserted here!)  They also inspired me to pick up the pace and get back to where I should be, painting!  I started a few sketches for some commissioned pieces people have ordered for Christmas and am throwing around the idea of starting my version of the very popular "Tree of Life" sometime in the future, we'll see!....meanwhile, here's a few pics from the workshop on Saturday! Have a great week! 

the sacred heart...

a cross...

the trinity...


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remodelling with kids...a good idea? I know I will fill my time with lots of remedial tasks and perhaps not be able to put paint to canvas but I will use an artist's brush, unfortunately only to sharpen lines and touch up on a colour blocking project I've been working on with another mom and 7 or so kids, (10 to 15 years old) to create a youth room at our church.  You want to see paint fly?  Just invite that many kids, have that many rollers and paintbrushes and that many colours of paint open and then stand back!
The project is getting closer to completion and I'm not exactly sure where I stand on it, there are components that I like, others make me wonder!  The kids picked the colours, the adults modified to pass muster with the greater body of the church (not sure we should have) and the results, well?!?!  Tight budgets, many opinions and a dark space is not a decorator's dream!  I will post some pics when we get it all wrapped up!

Meanwhile, thought I'd show you some art I have available for sale...enjoy!

Cheers! Jen

3 canvases..."Springtime Vista" acrylic on canvas  each 16 x 20

"Delphiniums and Lilies"  acrylic 16 x 12

"I Believe..."  acrylic on canvas  30 x 40

"View from Isle D'Orleans"  watercolour  7 x 5

"Lupines"  watercolour  14 x 10

"Thinking Pink"  acrylic  14 x 11

"Caught in the Act" acrylic on canvas  60 x 36

detail from previous canvas

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Introduction!...

So...I guess first things first. Who am I?  I'm female, married, a mom of four, yes, four kids and I'm a country gal that loves where I live.  I also like to do all sorts of creative stuff, but mostly I LOVE to paint!  Do I find enough time to do this as much as I wish? Never!  Between commitments in helping out (only marginally!) with my husband's dairy farm, doing colour and design consultations, laundry, meals, kids, planting a fledgling vineyard, volunteering, laundry and did I mention laundry? it's challenging finding any time to create, but no fear, I just know that somehow, someway I will get something figured out and find that elusive time!
  Good news: Inspiration is everywhere I look (well, except for in the laundry pile..but enough said about that) with four almost always adorable children doing sweet things while they surround me, lots of livestock (other than the kids!) and breathtaking, colourful, intriguing glimpses of nature and pastoral views just steps from my front porch, inspiration is never what I lack.  
Better news: I've created before while dealing with the same afore mentioned challenges, so your first introduction to me will be the photos below that give you a glimpse of  some of my artwork...hope you enjoy!
-Best news of all is that my husband of 15 years finally wandered over to the laundry and began folding after reading my! wonders never cease!

Cheers! Jen

"Bad Hair Day" acrylic on canvas

"Lovely Ladies" acrylic on canvas

"Poppies for Mom" watercolour

"Greermount -Roots and Strength" acrylic on canvas

"It's All in the Genes" acrylic on canvas

"Happiness is Zinnias!" acrylic

"In the Garden" watercolour and ink