Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something new

So...I'm going to try something a little new.  I'm not going to try to write great compositions or inspirational pieces or really much of anything, just simple, honest updates about what I'm up to, in to or tired of...whatever the mood dictates.   I prefer being brilliant or philosophical but that's really not me...I can pull that out of the hat every once in a rare while but that is not the way to keep a blog hopping, so honestly, I'm going to be just plain ol' me. consists of:

...welcoming a beautiful new sister into my life

...dealing with some aliens that invaded my space

...trying to see the beautiful in the common place

...looking to the past

...reminding myself it's time to start planning for the future

...looking up, asking many questions and wondering

...reminding myself yet again that life right outside the front door isn't so bad

...dealing with some toads (or frogs...whatever works!)

...celebrating small triumphs in the moment



...meeting some new but familiar friends

...some really exotic ones too!

...a few odd birds

...some rather intimidating individuals

...feeling like a big fat over stuffed bear

...wondering why everyone needs to get in my face

and looking for this kind of self assurance.

But all in all having a pretty cool summer...hope yours is going well too!  Jen

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