Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Introduction!...

So...I guess first things first. Who am I?  I'm female, married, a mom of four, yes, four kids and I'm a country gal that loves where I live.  I also like to do all sorts of creative stuff, but mostly I LOVE to paint!  Do I find enough time to do this as much as I wish? Never!  Between commitments in helping out (only marginally!) with my husband's dairy farm, doing colour and design consultations, laundry, meals, kids, planting a fledgling vineyard, volunteering, laundry and did I mention laundry? it's challenging finding any time to create, but no fear, I just know that somehow, someway I will get something figured out and find that elusive time!
  Good news: Inspiration is everywhere I look (well, except for in the laundry pile..but enough said about that) with four almost always adorable children doing sweet things while they surround me, lots of livestock (other than the kids!) and breathtaking, colourful, intriguing glimpses of nature and pastoral views just steps from my front porch, inspiration is never what I lack.  
Better news: I've created before while dealing with the same afore mentioned challenges, so your first introduction to me will be the photos below that give you a glimpse of  some of my artwork...hope you enjoy!
-Best news of all is that my husband of 15 years finally wandered over to the laundry and began folding after reading my! wonders never cease!

Cheers! Jen

"Bad Hair Day" acrylic on canvas

"Lovely Ladies" acrylic on canvas

"Poppies for Mom" watercolour

"Greermount -Roots and Strength" acrylic on canvas

"It's All in the Genes" acrylic on canvas

"Happiness is Zinnias!" acrylic

"In the Garden" watercolour and ink

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Julie Perrault said...

I'll be sending good thoughts your way in anticipation of the Jen Dale Judd that will soon be appearing on my wall. You are an inspiration to me for a start!