Monday, November 7, 2011

OMG...Hanging an art exhibit is exhausting!!!

All my work (that would fit) is now hung in the Cafe and on display for all to critique and hopefully...enjoy.

I'm not sure why I'm exhausted, but I am.  The process of creating art is much more pleasing than measuring and spacing and placing disparate groups of mismatched frames while Cafe goers come and go amidst my personal chaos. 
I want everything to look perfect, I want to please people, I want to be successful. 
But what does that mean to me, exactly?           Not sure. 
          Sure, I'd love to turn all that art into cash and pay off a bit of debt, sure, I'd love to be well known as a great artist. 
But somewhere deep down I think I'm looking for approval.  Always looking for approval everywhere and I find the hunt extremely exhausting.  So to clarify, it's not that pat on the head, "you did good" type of approval I want, but approval where I can look in the mirror, look into my own eyes and know that I did the best I could and know that God knows too and not care one flying fig leaf what anyone else really thinks.  That's the type I'm looking for and it's getting a bit easier to find that.
Because- I'm getting more comfortable in my own skin as I get older. 
Because- I'm realizing that I'm really not as important as I once thought I was and I'm good with that.
Because- I think I did the best I could for right now. 
So, if I were to title my exhibit, which I'm not, I would likely not call it "Seasons" (which would make sense) or even my lofty idea of "God Speaks" (an interpretation better explained on a more coherent day)  but likely just "The best of me for now" , not too catchy or earth shattering but simple and true. 
If my art can make someone smile, remember, dream or just lose themselves for even a moment then I can be content knowing that I've done exactly all I need to do.
I think I'll sleep well tonight.  
                                 ....and I will update the gallery very soon.


Marie-Claude said...

Should you wish one day to develop a publication with your paintings in it, read again your blog, and you will see not only the perfect sentences to put under your images, but also, how well you have grown as an artist, but more importantly as a woman.


Julie Wallbridge (feminist farmer's wife) said...

Ironically, I think an artist does her best work when she is comfortable in her skin. In my opinion, your work just keeps getting better and better. And I didn't think that possible. I look forward to seeing what happens when you start to feel confidant in the knowledge that what you do is remarkable.

Melissa said...

I gotta agree with Julie - it just keeps getting better and better and the images even feel more confident. Did you know that Picasso painted over 50,000 images? Seriously. 50,000. Just try not to wear his wildly patterned pants. ;)

And now that the exhibition is going and going, you can look back and know that you keep reaching new people with your creations. My aunt is thrilled with her paintings. Mom is happy too - the one she got of the tree in Fall reminds her of Nanny. Mom said that as soon as she knew Aunt Marion bought it. I think when your creative powers are strong enough to evoke beautiful memories, then you have reached greatness.