Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Painting again...

Although my to do list is very varied right now I have managed to grab some minutes from my days to put paint to canvas once again.
Been working on commissions I've promised since the Pontiac Studio Artists Tour this past June.  These are not my normal "style"  (if you can say I have a style when I haven't been producing all that long?!?!?)  but the first works like these did sell and I guess there's a bit of a demand for them as I've been asked to create more.
Turns out I have lots of fun doing them, they don't require alot of tedious detailing or super concentration...almost feels like playing -except I get paid for it!  How cool is that?

I'm big on these trees, not sure why, they're just really whimsical, thinking of creating a whole series... 

...colouring book version of the Pontiac?

Finally very different than anything I've done for awhile!
(please disregard the lovely unfinished background...this work is too stinky for our house, so I get relegated to the garage.)

I used to do more sign painting.  The last I did was for our own farm 8 years ago.  This one above is a show sign for The Shawville Fair which is happening this weekend.  I have another full sized one (4x8 feet) to do for their farm gate as well.  Shawville Fair is HUGE around here.  That is where you'll find most locals and lots of visitors too, our sleepy little town really comes alive every year on Labour Day weekend.  I personally have a love/hate relationship with the fair, but that's mainly because since we had kids we spend literally days upon days standing in a midway while they go crazy...great for them but very tedious for 2 individuals that are NOT fond of rides.  Regardless, we'll see you there and best of luck to all the exhibitors!  

Cheers! Jen 


Karen said...

I love the comic book version of the Pontiac!

Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

The Pontiac colouring book barn is the one I really wanted to buy. Instead I got the right one (the blue bottle on the table with it dearly). But I like your new 'style' or the playing anyway. Actually - I like that you are playing!

Melissa said...

Everyone loved the Drummond Sign. Awesomeness.