Thursday, January 15, 2015

30 in 15

Once again today I went out of my comfort zone, starting to enjoy exploring out there on the fringes of my capabilities!  I'm pretty pleased with the results. Far from perfection ...but considering I do one watercolour painting in about every 30 acrylics...and portraits and people almost never (mostly if and when I cannot talk someone out of a commission) I think it went not too bad.

These are my girls.  They are very musical, they don't get that from me.  Don't get me wrong, I love to listen to music, I just never made it past "I am C... middle C" in piano lessons as a kid word.  Boring.  That's what I thought then.
Well, I'm happy to report my girls are far past the beginning years.  They are very gifted, each in their own unique way.

Emma is excellent at reading music, advances really well through formal lessons and plays beautifully.  She also has a soft, melodic voice that is a treasure to hear, although mostly she plays and sings for her own enjoyment.

April started with formal training but after several years began to struggle with reading the more complicated pieces and became we changed things up.  She still takes lessons but more informal, still works on reading music but also plays by ear, chords beautifully and now is over a year into voice lessons...and the girl has pipes!!  Blows me away!   -Every time.

Needless to say, I'm a very proud momma.  I tell people their playing is the soundtrack of my life.  I'm going to miss it when they go away to school, which is sneaking up way too quickly.  No matter how bad or busy the day when they sit down at the piano my heart warms, I smile and all is well with the universe.

    15 x 18
-unless, my husband says, you'll pay 5K, then it's negotiable, there's a price on everything apparently!  Ha!  


Wendy Morley said...

What an interesting story and beautiful picture Jennifer

Katherine Wentworth said...

Beautiful Jen! You captured them very well - love it - and them.

xoxo Kath

Jen said...

Thanks Kath and Wendy for the compliments!