Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Process

I am working on a painting as commission for two wonderful clients.
I sometimes photograph as I paint to see the canvas I've been working on from a new perspective.  I do this when I am stuck on something or have the feeling that something is "off'" in my composition while working. When I snap that picture and see it through a different lens I can almost instantly see the problem and then figure out a solution.
With a commission I know more or less what a client wants and know where the end point will be but as I snap images of various stages of the process for assessment I find it pretty awesome how the image changes.  I thought it would be fun to share with you the transformation that a canvas undertakes along the way.
There are stages that are pretty cool to look at and stages when I am filled with angst and wonder if I have a shred of skill left at all...but all in all if I keep showing up and working through the process I will inevitably arrive at a solution.
For now I am still a long way from completion but here's what 2 days of work accomplished!  Kind of fun to see.

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