Monday, January 31, 2011

Organization or Procrastination?

Wow!  Been a long time since I apologies! 

I'd like to say that I've been soooo busy just creating sooooo much that I haven't had time to hardly breathe let alone post, but truth be known I suppose I've had a bit of an "Artist's Block" maybe?!?!  For the first time in my life (since college assignments were due), I've gotten to the point where I am supposed to be producing art, in fact just yesterday I submitted my bio and a few copies of images of my work to be listed on the Website of the Artist's Tour I am a first time participant in this June (insert scream of terror here!) so that makes my obligation very real...or so you'd think, so I need to be painting, or sketching or whatever. 

Well, I'm doing okay at the whatever. 

I've spent the last month instead doing some organizing like many are inclined to do in the brand new New Year, this included taking a picture of my messy studio and then cleaning it. rearranging it and managing to mess it all up again before remembering to take "after" photos.  (Not very good at this blogging thing yet!)   In all this sorting, I came across and needed to make decisions on so many things I've kept over my lifetime...inevitably this meant purging and letting go of things which may have held great importance to me in past creations of myself.  I needed more space, so I really needed to decide who I am, where I want to go and what dreams are best left behind. 

I have decided I'm likely much better at painting flowers than growing them.  No doubt, I will still have my messy gardens full of cut flower, long enduring perennials and a selection of veggies that cannot be rivaled in taste by store bought, but do I really need mountains of magazines displaying carefully curated garden spaces created by true master gardeners?  Not likely.
How about all the empty baby books I purchased and meant to fill with documentations of each and every breath my precious children took from birth to where they are today?  Considering the blankness of those pages and the ages of those kids ( 4 thru 11), I'm thinking it's time to face reality and simply realize I was too busy living in the moments of their lives to take time to document each one and stop feeling guilty about my inept behaviour and move on.
Likewise with the scrap booking supplies.  I will keep the papers that get called to use in occasional craft frenzies, but who am I kidding, I cannot even get my pictures organized on my PC so what makes me think they're going to end up in perfect books?

I also let go of patterns I'll never make, instructions I'll never follow and copies of business plans I'll never submit to anyone for approval.  Just too depressing to see how much I have not done.
Things I cannot let go of?  My huge stash of fabric.  I am a sewer and always will be.  I once sewed many of my own clothes, then turned to baby clothes when kids were born and my own figure was not so easy to fit anymore.  Then, since they grew faster than I can sew, I turned attention to home decor.  I sewed pillows, curtains, tablecloths, etc... and even made about a quilt and a half (the half I still owe to my daughter and she's not letting me off the hook with that one even though it may mean she's taking a brand new butterfly and bug quilt to college with her someday!)  Anyway, with a love for fabric and also yarn and knitting genetically implanted into me I will not be letting go of those stashes anytime soon.

 I did dig out left over art paper from college days, a very expensive box of pastels and numerous and varied art supplies which I've given prominence to in my space.  My hopes are that this will motivate and inspire.  Is it working? Time will tell...but it better, June is coming quickly! 

Having said that I better go get busy and I promise, I will try my very best to make it a creative, artistic busy!


Maybe an inspiration?  My garden with weeds convienently cropped!  Cheers!  Jen       

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