Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello, my name is Jen and I am perhaps crazy.

We’re getting down to the wire now.

Here I thought I had oodles of time.  My big debut in the
Pontiac Artists’ Studio Tour
isn’t ‘til the merry month of June and in my world the grass hasn’t even begun to sprout yet.  But when I check the calendar…there the date is…looming pretty quick and I come to the realization that God’s world will undergo some pretty big miracles in the changing of the seasons in that time span and apparently I’ve got to too!    

You’d think the weather would keep me inside and increase my artistic productivity.  Well, not really.  I’m inside, maybe productive, but artistic?  Not on canvas.

        Hello, My name is Jen and I am a procrastinator.
                                BIG TIME. 

Things I’ve managed to do while avoiding Art this month:

-I’ve noticed a few pieces of furniture need refinishing and I got started.

-The bedroom could be rearranged, I started that too.

-While at that, a great time to eliminate my husband’s armoire and recreate the space which led to starting more furniture refinishing.

-Woodwork needs to be finished…all throughout the house…people can’t look at art if the baseboard is missing, right?

-There are a few walls that need some fresh paint too!

-Pillows I’ve been planning to sew need to get done. (I’ve had the stuff for 2 years now, it’s most imperative that they are done.)
-Also a great time to teach my 11 year old to sew!

-Oh...and this is HUGE and fun and awesome....I purchased a new camera, a REAL one...first great one I've had since before digital came out, so there's the job of learning how to use it too!

        Need I go on?
These are things that don’t matter, not in the least.  At least not for the tour.  Somewhere in my imagination they do matter. 
But can I validate doing them right now? 
Not on my life.
But does that matter to me?                         
                                           Not a bit.

 I will continue.  I will do all this and yes, the art too.

Welcome to my world.
I drive myself crazy.            Often. 
                                                       In fact I’m doing it right now.
And I fear: Others around me as well.

...but before you lose ALL faith in me...Look!  See!...I'm trying!... Jen 


Mrs Mayjay said...

If you want to borrow back my piece, you are welcome too! (there, one less piece to create LOL)

Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

I love that painting! I procrastinate too!

Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

I have a sneaky feeling you are going to pull this off in spite of yourself. I have a husband like you - he seems to entertain himself by doing many things instead of the one he needs to get done.

Rob said...

As FFW's husband, can I offer an explanation? Many years ago, I learned that the best way to catch a flighty horse is to approach from an angle, not making eye contact, in ever-tightening semi-circles -- if you do it right, the animal will even start following you. Apply that to a creative endeavour (usually writing, in my case), and it's not procrastination, it's an indirect approach designed not to spook something difficult to capture!

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

Love Rob's comment.
I am a proud procrasticleaner. We are a creative household. Paint palettes and dirty dishes share the sink, the woodstove is piled with bowls of yarn, stacks of fabric, mountains of papers...sweep the floor and find yourself with a dustpan full of pencil crayons, glitter, and bits of the day's creations. It's beautiful, this artistic mess, and a sign that all is right in YOUR artist's world. Love it!
Thanks for visiting my space.