Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wonders of my World

I create not because I want to simply illustrate something pretty, but because I want to explore the beauty, wonder and magic that is there for us all to see in the simple, everyday, often forgotten object.

There are infinite wonders to behold in this universe.  I know this because it has been taught to me.  I know there are countless that I have yet to experience and countless I will never experience.  If I had no restrictions of time or money and if I committed solely to discovering and exploring the wonders of this planet for the remainder of my days here on earth, even if I live to be 110, I will never see a fraction of all the wonders that this beautiful planet holds.   
Here in my small rural world, I know, also that I experience many wonders and they although often common as dirt, are wonders

There are life changing wonders:  The wonder of true, deep, rich Love.  Family, Marriage, Birth, Death. 

More subtle wonders:  Strength, Perseverance, Faith, Integrity.

But tangible wonders are what I see and paint.


Flowers, as unique as each individual person that walks this planet act as a reminder that I never need to look very hard to see beauty or miracles.  The flower starts as a seed and with soil and water life comes from its insignificant shell, and then flourishes into so much more.  In the haste that has become our everyday we rush past not even noticing this wonder that unfolds.  When we consider its journey to existence and contemplate the intricacy of its construction how can we not notice the beauty, delicacy and awe that its construction so plainly shows?   What man has ever created such delicate an object that breathes life, responds to touch, needs nurturing and yet rejuvenates itself at its end by returning to the earth and scattering its seed once again ensuring a future?

Likewise with trees and animals, even more so significant and necessary in our lives, they never cease to impress me with their strength, tenacity and beauty.


As for the old buildings I paint, I do these for many reasons.  I am intrigued and to be honest saddened to see these structures fall to disrepair and abandoned, and yet, even the romantic that I am knows that not every homestead can be saved, not every barn remains structurally sound. 
Does it make me think them any less? of course not. 
These are the buildings that sheltered our ancestors, and I think of the perseverance that went into building them as people struggled to carve out a space for themselves in this wild and sometimes cruel landscape.  The challenges these families faced were huge, their needs more primal than modern day and as I watch these structures fall I cannot help but imagine the pride some must have had in building such worthy havens for their families.  These were done by blood and tears, and were not the simple turn key builds that we have become accustomed to purchasing today.  These structures built one step at a time, year after year with more tribulation than most of us face in a lifetime eloquently illustrate perseverance.  These buildings that remain are the ghosts of the past and I love to hear their whispers.

All of my art amounts at first glance to nothing more than an attempt at a bunch of pretty pictures, but bring spirituality, strength, determination and God to mind.  What I hope to achieve is a reminder of the awesome, unbounded strength and beauty of our planet and the strength of spirit of folks who walk life’s path and share the same soil as us.

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