Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exhibiting soon...

Just putting the final touches on a few last pieces before my next show.

I am exhibiting at Cafe 349 in Shawville starting November 7th.  There will be a vernissage on Sunday, November 13th from 1-4 pm...if you're in the area drop in to say hi, I'd be delighted to see you!

Although I would have liked to be ambitious enough to have all new works to display for this; my first solo show outside of the studio, I will have to fill in with some that some of you may have already seen.  There will be be well over a dozen pieces that are new though... Hopefully enough to pique your curiosity!

As for a statement about my will go something like this:

I paint what I know.  I know beauty in the world all around.  In flowers, trees, landscape and sky...the vast open space that is my home and the creatures that inhabit it.  The way the light plays on the leaves, the land and the buildings all around, I have not seen much of this great world yet but what I've seen is pretty awe inspiring.
In cows  I see old, gentle souls.  They could not survive without the help of man and they seem to know it.  Together we are partners.  Anyone who has ever worked with them and paid attention can feel the trust and the contentment they have with the arrangement.  Likewise, when we do something out of routine those girls become scared.  We need to reassure, calm and care for them...not so different from people after all!  People say my cows have expressions and feelings, I say they're right, because they do.

...I dunno, I suppose a little too out there for some...but I guess I didn't get the reputation for being a bit of an artistic type by thinking like everyone else...can't change how I feel!

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Marie-Claude said...

This is what art is all about: feelings! What makes you an artist is how well you can communicate these feelings through your art, and touched someone else.
I hope I will have the chance to see your paintings this Sunday, and be touched by your soul.