Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remodelling with kids...a good idea? I know I will fill my time with lots of remedial tasks and perhaps not be able to put paint to canvas but I will use an artist's brush, unfortunately only to sharpen lines and touch up on a colour blocking project I've been working on with another mom and 7 or so kids, (10 to 15 years old) to create a youth room at our church.  You want to see paint fly?  Just invite that many kids, have that many rollers and paintbrushes and that many colours of paint open and then stand back!
The project is getting closer to completion and I'm not exactly sure where I stand on it, there are components that I like, others make me wonder!  The kids picked the colours, the adults modified to pass muster with the greater body of the church (not sure we should have) and the results, well?!?!  Tight budgets, many opinions and a dark space is not a decorator's dream!  I will post some pics when we get it all wrapped up!

Meanwhile, thought I'd show you some art I have available for sale...enjoy!

Cheers! Jen

3 canvases..."Springtime Vista" acrylic on canvas  each 16 x 20

"Delphiniums and Lilies"  acrylic 16 x 12

"I Believe..."  acrylic on canvas  30 x 40

"View from Isle D'Orleans"  watercolour  7 x 5

"Lupines"  watercolour  14 x 10

"Thinking Pink"  acrylic  14 x 11

"Caught in the Act" acrylic on canvas  60 x 36

detail from previous canvas

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