Friday, January 16, 2015

30 in 16

Today I continued on the watercolour experimentation and again I'm pleased with the outcome.

This is a picture I took of a place I hope at least some of the locals will recognize from my painting?!?  However, I won't go as far as asking anyone to recognize the might, you might not.

This was challenging and very time back is sore, I've been hunched over all day long...but I think the results are well worth it! I have taken various photos at the Shawville Fair over the years but never had the patience or confidence to try to portray one although that's the reason I took 'em in the first place!  Case in point: the back of the shot is dated 2002, takes me awhile to get around to things, see?

Anyway, I think it's a great representation of what is in my opinion the best part of the fair!   Agricultural producers getting together in competition to show off a little bit of what they do by doing a lot of hard work in selecting, raising and training the animals.  Whether it be beef, dairy, horses or other...all work with animals (for shows or just as a day to day occupation) takes time, persistence, patience and dedication.  I think it's awesome that the "little" country fairs still exist...a great place to socialize and catch up with neighbours and old friends and also an amazing way for urban dwellers to visit and find out a little bit of what we do!

Again, a fuzzy picture, I'll try a shot with my actual camera on another day!

17 x 12

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