Monday, March 18, 2013

Bad Blogger!

I am without a doubt a very negligent, sporadic, unfocused and horribly lazy blogger....B.A.D.
I volley between feeling guilty for this and thinking "What the Hey? doesn't even matter!"   I know the second to be true and the first is just a testament to the "type" of individual I am.  Yet in an attempt to organize my "junk" I once again sit down to type. 
What should this look like?  I'm not sure. 
What are my intentions for this?  Initially I hoped this would be a bargain basement vehicle to promoting my art, but mostly it became a lengthy ramble of  random stuff I needed to say whether anyone cared to listen or not so once again I proceed without much of a plan in mind!
Therefore if you've landed yourself back here on my page: Proceed with caution!
                         -You've been warned! 
No rhyme or reason follows!
                                                   -just a mess of thoughts and activities and musings from a slightly neurotic,
                      somewhat creative,
            half hermit,
free spirit
                                                           disguised as a mom and wife and artist too! (among a bunch of other stuff)
who somewhere along the way decided having a blog. 
Oh and a Vineyard page coming soon!  ;)



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