Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The BIG 4-0hhhh !

The clock is ticking...time is running out.  I'm hanging on to the very last shred of my 4th decade on this earth like a dog with a bone. 
Thinking it's just because my 30's have been so very good.  (at least that's what I'm telling myself!) 
Can't possibly be because I'm a little 'long in the tooth' and apprehensive about what the next 10 will turn me into because I see so many successful, fun and fabulous forty-somethings out and about that are 'hotter than a 2$ pistol' that I HAVE to assume it's all good, right?!
Meanwhile I am placating myself with some idioms and sayings (and believe it or not some real inner contemplation on all that's wonderful) that helps me to put things back into perspective instead of lamenting about all that's lost...after all 'I won't learn that any farther up the creek', it keeps me from being as 'ornery as a toad' and for today at least I can convince myself I'm 'as happy as a pig in slop'!

Enjoy...from a (slightly older gal) who might be 'just a few pickles shy of a quart'!


and finally....
and that is why you shouldn't ever try to be anyone but yourself!

....and you're beautiful too! 

(all images from Pinterest)

So there.  40, I'm ready for you and 'if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise' the next decade will be spectacular too! ;)

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