Thursday, January 1, 2015

30 in 30 1

Trying something really new  (other than actually posting on my blog!)  Trying a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, basically this is a worldwide challenge to get artists painting, creating, becoming more experimental and prolific than before!  A link to the host blog is here.

...All things I need a lot of help with so what the hey! goes nothing!....

Started today with a painting which was perhaps a bit too ambitious for a "painting in a day" challenge.  These 2 sweethearts have actually somehow for real wormed their way into our hearts around here, but not because they're actually that sweet.  They are kind of tyrants actually!  They are the source of many tears, much frustration and a broken bone and mild concussion.  Horses are fun, they said!  Horses are intelligent, they said!  We have learned that perhaps they are more intelligent than their owners.  Period.

Anyhoo!  Back to the painting!  I started with our lovely horse and pony show.  (Picasso and Pepper) I snapped this pic earlier this fall because I  loved the light that was streaming from behind as they grazed.

I really admire artists who can capture an image roughly with what looks like very little real effort...a brush stroke here, a slash of colour there and VOILA !  -the essence of a horse captured in perfection. Sigh.
I am actually a lot more anal than I care to admit.  I do apparently not know how to do quick and effortless.  I want to work and rework this.  (I might just yet...but I'm obeying the rules and posting on the day I'm actually supposed gentle with any commentary...sigh, again!)

Lessons learned from this my first post for the 30 in 30 day challenge:

-I am challenged
- pick an easier subject or at least approach it with looser expectations
-cannot overemphasize the importance of drawing, sketching, planning before...that would have helped SO VERY MUCH
- relax.  It's just a'll speak to someone, or it won't
- On 5 hours sleep after chaperoning 6 teenagers and 2 youth and 1 hubby with strep throat at a New Years Eve party in my home while being their short order cook- I should perhaps not expect too much of myself!

Well, here it is.  See you tomorrow.  :)

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