Wednesday, January 14, 2015

30 in 14

I spent literally hours this morning scanning through my photo collections in an attempt to pick a subject to paint for today.

My big concern is tomorrow is the deadline for submitting images for the 2015 Pontiac Art Tour...and although I have built up a bit of an inventory I wanted another piece to add to my submissions that represent "me" well.  I am very much a country gal and most of my art reflects that.  

I finally decided on an image on file, printed it off and went towards my canvases and paints...and it fell flat, just like that.  One moment I had found THE image, the next moment not a shred of interest remained.

Back to square one.  I'm a little fickle like that.

So I picked up my phone and scrolled through my pics there and found it.  The result is below, again please pardon the image the time I finished all natural light had left and somehow the photo turned out is a "little" more subtle in the real world!

This is a picture I took this fall while working in our vineyard.  We were making adjustments to our bird netting to protect the grapes for a few more weeks while they reached a higher BRIX (sugar level).   I turned around and there they were, the birds...just a waiting for us to go back to the house so they could feast.
 This reminded me of our trip to Prince Edward County when we started thinking about building a winery.  ( A research and development...and birthday trip all rolled into one.)   We were chatting with one vineyard owner and he told us he knows the grapes are ready when the birds fill the power lines...and here was finally proof that we had obtained a product worthy of attention...the birds have for sure noticed...every plant that did not get covered was picked squeaky clean of every last fruit...and even some that were covered were sabotaged as well!

Fortunately we did our job well enough that we have over 1200 litres ageing nicely in our garage... with lots more to come in the years to follow.

So, even though I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the birds...that day made me smile, and so does my painting!


  20 x 20
acrylic on gallery style canvas

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