Sunday, January 4, 2015

30 in 4

Today I did a quick research on painting with palette knives before experimenting on canvas.

I have used one a bit in the past but have never covered an entire canvas with just the use of a knife. Not easy to manipulate when I'm more familiar with the dynamic of a brush.  I have also spent the last 4 days working on relatively small canvases when I really have a strong preference for large.

What I can say is so far my preference for brushes and big have not waned but I'm pushing myself to try new styles and techniques and even if in the end nothing changes I will know a little bit more about my shortcomings, strengths, limitations and such and I guess that's a good thing!

This was a photo from years back which I took at my childhood home, snapped on a day not unlike today, when the trees and entire world around here are caked by heavy snow.  A good day to stay inside and stay warm!

10 x 8
acrylic on gallery canvas

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