Saturday, January 24, 2015

30 in 24

The art I really admire that other people do is very painterly.  You see every brush stroke and yet done well it invokes a powerful mood and clear image.

Today was a little study in doing just that.  I am a student for sure.  I was just noticing the last few days when working on some of the scenes that I pick and poke and edit and correct so many areas, so many times that I sometimes lose that spontaneity and then have to really work to get it back.

Today I gave myself one brush and didn't grab for smaller and forced myself to just lay down the paint then leave it be.  ...a little sky study of one late summer afternoon when storm clouds were rolling in from the east while the sun was setting.  The startling contrast of colours was caught in clouds to the south.  My interpretation below.  I may try adding texture to the tree area another day or just leave it be...think I'll live with it for a bit and see.

8 x 8
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

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