Saturday, January 17, 2015

30 in 17

I worked on a quick little image today in an effort to squeeze a piece of art in.  I used A LOT of acrylic gel gloss medium and mostly a palette knife after first laying down a background.  My lesson today is don't overwork things...I took it a bit too far and lost some crispness and clarity in the process.  I also think I'd like to take a palette knife course at some point in my existence, will have to see what's available nearby.
The photo, I've used before.  A snapshot from our garden, I love the bright, crazy coloured, sturdy zinnias almost best of well as poppies, delphiniums and of course sunflowers...mostly anything bright and gaudy I suppose!  (Maybe synonymous with me?!)  

The summer flowers are a huge contrast to the very bone-chilling, blustery day we're experiencing here, very grey and sombre.  The mood is festive inside though as my oldest son turns 11 today and he has spent the last 5 hours with a handful of friends running around, traipsing in and out of the house and having an all around great and loud time!  Thus the reason for the very quick, very small art project today.

6 x 8
acrylic on canvas board


Cagley Art said...

Your painting today is colorful, hopeful and quite wonderful!

Jen said...

Thanks very much Connie!

Michael Martin said...

I love the 3D effect. the flowers jump out at you. Very vibrant. Nice!