Sunday, January 18, 2015

30 in 18

Another quick attempt at art today!  Busy weekend around here...I'm posting from my phone while at a combined birthday between my 11 year old, Isaac and his 6 year old cousin, Grace!

 Before we came I started a cow painting and think I want to call it "Gossip Girls"...these ladies are from our herd and they're bellied up to the feed bunk but really look like they've just been caught sharing a dirty little secret! What I find cool about the cows is they really do have best friends as you'll often find the same two girls side by side as the years pass by-right from being calves to old age!  Love these beautiful bovines...always will!

I like how my red and white girl turned out but still need to work on the other one...she kinda went cross eyed on me thus the reason I cropped her out!  I'll do the big reveal another day!...Fuzzy photo too...sorry!

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