Tuesday, January 27, 2015

30 in 27

Today's painting is the 2nd in a series I have now done which features Shawville Fair in the spotlight.  Again centred around my favourite part of the whole weekend, behind the barns...where all the excitement least if you're farm folk!

I am always hesitant to start these and nervous to share because I feel so much more weight is placed on them as the locals will see and of course will have opinions!  Did I get the cow just right?  Who exactly is that?  Well, that doesn't look a bit like him/her! ...and so on.

Anyway, I sketched this painting the other day but didn't have the time required to paint it so after I put a coat of mud on our renovations in the back room this morning (which are coming along wonderfully...if I do say so myself!) I sat down to finally fill it in and other than the odd break to chauffeur kids to lessons and make supper I only just finished now!  So a very late post for me!

For anyone who wants to play the "name game" try to identify anyone this photo -this is again circa you have to reach back in your memory banks!  Enjoy!

17 x 12 

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