Wednesday, January 28, 2015

30 in 28

For all the work I put into yesterday's painting this one is the opposite....a quickie to the extreme which did not pan out to my favour.

I went too quickly and as a result made some fatal anatomical flaws which I more or less corrected only by using acrylic paint to cover up my errors.
Rather than scrub and work and agonize I am chalking this up as a learning taking time and preparing.  A lesson I need to re-teach myself again and again and again as the years go by! So this is what it is, kinda quick, kinda okay but nothing monumental!

I think I'll be happy to take a break after the next 2 days are done...30 paintings in 30 days is a HUGE commitment, another lesson learned!

9 x 6
watercolour and ink and acrylic


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