Wednesday, January 21, 2015

30 in 21

Just a quick and simple painting today.  There is a multitude of things calling to me...  the dust bunnies are mocking me, the farm bills are leering at me, the hole in the kitchen ceiling is flat out laughing at me because they know me, they know I like to stay on best as I can and I'm falling just a bit further behind with each passing day!

Thus quick and simple.  The subject matter is also simple but although innocent looking enough it is also taunting me.  Painted from a picture I took in my vineyard late this summer as the grapes were ripening.  We have lots of wine ageing gracefully (we hope) in our garage, but that begins the problem.  We were supposed to have built a winery by now.
The winery allows licensing.
Licensing allows a business.
Business allows sales.
Sales allow income.
Income allows a small climb towards debt recovery and maybe even some fine day: profitability!

We have no winery.

We do have lots of legislation, paperwork, complications, barriers.

What we need is WINNING LOTTERY TICKET!  A SUGAR DADDY!!  A PRIVATE INVESTOR!  A GUARANTOR!  A PHILANTHROPIST!  Not even a truly rich one.  Just brave and trusting. That would cut through ALL the red tape in one fell swoop and we'd be on our way.

Oh well, I just have to hunker down for the long, slow wait.  If nothing else I am being taught patience over and over and over again.  Some day you would think I'd get good at it but apparently I'm a slow learner.
Sigh.  So today I'll have to satisfy myself with painting my Marquette grapes and maybe once the day is done I'll pop the cork on one of those many bottles and savour the efforts of a season past and dig in stubbornly planning a bit more for seasons yet to come because although patience is not my strong point apparently stubbornness is!

 10 x 8
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

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Paula Campbell said...

Jennifer, I LOVE the vibrant colors in this! Great style. Good luck with the winery business.