Saturday, January 10, 2015

30 in 10

Another busy day!

-we now have fixed our leaky plumbing but have a lovely hole in the kitchen ceiling.

- we also busted out a wall to our basement (yesterday) where I plan on setting up shop to frame and finish paintings, maybe even photograph them with proper lighting and everything!  Imagine!

-attended our 2nd funeral of the week today.  Always a very poignant experience.  Hold those precious to you close, we never know what life will deal.

So I'm posting a recent painting which was a commission for Christmas.  I did not photograph this before varnishing so there's a glare, however here he is anyway!

16 x 20
gallery style canvas


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Cindy D. said...

Yikes, sorry to hear about all those real world troubles! Beautiful horse, I love all those subtle colors changes and highlight on his nose.